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Cream Fauxmage - Plain


Cream Fauxmage - Plain

Our Fauxmage is a French double-crème style cheese. It comes in two flavours, Original and Fresh Chive. This lovely cream is buttery, rich and and noble in flavour and is essentially the vegan cheese equivalent of ice cream! Incredible on its own or served with a fruit jam on hearty bread. Pair our Essential with Domaine Chandon Rosé or a Viognier. 

Fauxmage is low in fat, sodium, calories, zero cholesterol, high in iron and vegetable protein and made with absolutely no preservatives, stabilisers, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. It contains no gluten, no casein, no soy, no yeast and lactose free. It's 100% dairy free and 100% vegan.

Weight: 120gr

Shelf life: 4 weeks in the refrigerator, 3 months in the freezer.

Ingredients: Organic raw and activated cashew nuts, acidophilus cultures, sea salt.