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Frequently asked questions about our products, ordering and shipping.


    •  Q. What is the best way to store Nutcrafter Creamery cheese?
    • A. As a general rule, all of our cheese will keep for 30 to 60 days under refrigeration and unopened; the “Use by” date is stamped on the back of each box, and differs according to the cheese. If you want to keep your cheese longer, however, you can always freeze them. While freezing will not affect quality, your cheeze won’t improve in flavour or texture either (in other words, it will remain unchanged). If you plan to keep them for longer than the recommended shelf life, it’s a good idea to place them in the freezer.
    • Q. What cultures do you use? Are they vegan?
    • A. We use a proprietary mix of live cultures that obviously do not contain any animal products. Yes, they are vegan! 
    • Q. When will my order ship?
    • A. Nutcrafter Creamery ships throughout UK except the Channel Islands on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Orders placed before Friday at 16:00 will be sent out the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Orders placed after Friday at 16:00 will be shipped the second week. Scenario 1: your order arrives at 15:59 of 04/09/15. It will be shipped on Monday 07/09/15. Scenario 2: your order arrives at 16:01 of 04/09/15. It will be shipped on Monday 14/09/15. Once your items have left our building you will receive an email notification. Items are shipped chilled and are perishable. They should be refrigerated upon arrival.
    • Q. How much do you charge for shipping?
    • A. We charge either £3.99 (1-2 days) or £6.99 (next day) for orders from £0 up to £28.99; £6.99 for orders from £29.00 to £64.99 and free of charges for orders above £65.
    • Q. Why shipping is so expensive?
    • A.  We are put off by shipping charges ourselves but for an artisanal business as ours, we can't compete with large distribution. We don’t have a plant, we have a workshop where cheese is handcrafted and packaged individually. Once ready, the product is shipped chilled (which carries a high packaging cost) and is delivered within 24/48 hours. The hope is that our numbers will grow and in the future we will be able to access lower shipping rates, which we can then pass on to our customers.
    • Q. I left my cheese in the refrigerator for a little longer than recommended. I noticed a fluffy white spot of mould. Can I just scrape it off and still eat it?
    • A. Yes. White mould is not harmful, and is in fact the mould used for Brie and other bloomy rind cheeses. It is primarily an aesthetic concern. 
    • Q. Can I enclose a gift message with my order?
    • A. We appreciate your patience as we work to make this an option through our website. If you would like to include a gift message with your order, please email with your order number and personalised message. We will be sure to pass the message along! 
    • Q. Can I purchase a gift card?
    • A. No, we do not have gift cards available for sale but we will implement them in the future.
    • Q. I want to buy a large amount of your cheese for an upcoming wedding/anniversary/fundraiser. Would I be able to get a discount if I buy above a certain amount?
    • A. If you have a caterer or someone with a resale license, please have them order our products by contacting us directly at
    • Q. Can I franchise a Nutcrafter Creamery in my area or be a distributor for my local stores?
    • A. Right now, we do not have a franchise plan in place. But we’re tickled pink you asked!
    • Q. Do you give tours of your Creamery?
    • A. We are not planning to build a retail storefront right now, but we are planning on scheduling tours and classes on certain days. Keep checking our Facebook page for announcements when this program starts.
    • Q. Are you hiring?
    • A. If you are interested in employment, please send a CV and cover letter to
      • Q. Will you have a cookbook or place on your website recipes using your products?
      • A. Not at the moment, but we will have a section on our website where we will share some recipes. We are always cooking up dishes with our cheeses in our kitchen and we will become more diligent about sharing the recipes online with readers!
      • Q. A lot seems to go into shipping your products. Is any of the packaging (freeze packs included) recyclable? How about the packaging for your cheeses, wrapping and outer box?
      • A. Yes! We spent a lot of time finding eco-friendly packaging that will keep your products cold but not everything is recyclable. The box and the insulation are both recyclable and the gel packs, when present, are reusable as many times as you like.
      • Q. Would I be able to buy a collection of cheeses?
      • A. Yes, we have a "Buy 4 receive 1 Free" offer of assorted aged cheeses. These are our most popular mix. In the case that we cannot supply all the flavours mentioned, (for example, we are temporarily out of stock on one flavour) we will replace it with another flavour with an equivalent value. This ensures you won't need to wait beyond your expected dispatch date. 
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