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"We treated ourselves to some of your cheese as it is our first vegan Christmas. A friend tried your lovely products at vegfest and recommended you. We are delighted, it is the best cheese we have tasted and has made our Christmas delightfully cheesey! Thank you and happy 2016 to you all xx"

"Heavens above, this cheese is phenomenal! Bought the Indulgent chives & the Decadent dulse for my vegan christmas cheeseboard and they are both outstanding. I've had some nice vegan cheeses in the past but yours are something else, I am so happy that these incredible flavours are possible with no harm to any living creatures, just natural ingredients & a lot of cleverness!! All hail Nutcrafter Creamery!!"

"Oh my god J.L thank you so much for introducing us to Nutcrafter Creamery. The cheese is amazing. From a very grateful vegan xxxx"

"Had our festive breakfast of oatcakes and toast with Fresh Chive Chèvre (delicious) and Air Aged Smoked Chipotle (delicious, too!) accompanied by watercress from the allotment. What a great start to the day! Thank you for such delicious 'cheese'!"

"Cream cheese with chives arrived today....WOW! So good...amazing..just like cow cheese but without any cruelty...One happy vegan here!! Xx"

"Holy smoke! I was lucky enough to pick up some of your cheese in QVC today. It's delicious! Wonderful texture too. Thank you for making such awesome cheese!"

"Congratulations on such a fantastic product! Tried lots of vegan cheeses in the past... and your is AMAZING! xxx"

"Delicious! At last vegan cheese I really enjoy."

"Amazing cheese. Unbelievable. Creamy, delicious. Better than dairy cheese. Welcome to the future. Thank you Nutcrafter Creamery."

"Your cheese has been voted this years top cheese by The Vegan Cheese Review Lady! Nutcrafter Creamery 'The Essential - Spreadable Double Cream Style' Review: "Winner of 'The VCRL' vegan cheese of the year award!  My absolute favearooni. I like this spread on a Ritz original cracker with a pinch of sea salt and some grapes on the side. Rated: 5 out of 5"

"Absolutely delighted with my order. Gorgeous soft cheese and mozzarella. Can't wait to try the rest of your range"

"Your cheese is amazing!!!! I'm having to stop my self from eating the whole block I bought today"

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